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Sonia and Dillon

Home Studio on a Budget!

Sonia and Dillon

This shot of Sonia and Dillon (my wife and son ​circa 200​4) was not taken in a studio​. It was shot on a bed using nothing but a sheet, window light and one bounced flash. I laid a white, double sheet on the bed, and over the headboard, so that it doubled as a backdrop.

The open window was to my left, and I had a Metz CL-4 flashgun aimed at the ceiling.

I used Photoshop to lose all the wrinkles in the sheet behind and increased the brightness for that studio look. A very simple and cheap set-up and a lot less hassle than a studio. It is also a great way to practice before committing any great expense on studio lighting.

Try this method yourself with just: 

  • check
    ​​White sheets or card
  • check
    ​A single speedlight or flashgun
  • check
    ​A wall or ceiling to bounce the flash from

Once you get comfortable with a set up like this, try adding a second speedlight. Later on, have a go at off camera flash because that is where it gets fun and interesting!