Smartdisk Flashtrax (2003)

Digital Photo Storage Device for Photographers

Page update 2018: This page was built a lonnnnng time ago and we no longer recommend the Smartdisk Flashtrax. There are many better, more modern devices out there as you know. We have kept this page here for nostalgia and historical, electrical reference.

Smartdisk Flashtrax Original

Smartdisk Flashtrax Overview: Click here for the newer Flashtrax XT review

The Smartdisk Flashtrax is a personal favourite of mine, this portable digital photo storage device is a must-have for any serious digital photographer.

The well-known and respected Nature photographer Andy Rouse also uses the Flashtrax.

No need to carry loads of flash media, when you have filled your card, simply copy it to your Flashtrax, erase the CF card and keep shooting! At the end of the day, connect the device to your PC to print, view or store your pictures. Simple!

View Photographs on the 3.5" colour LCD or a TV

With its bright, large screen, the Flashtrax is a great device for previewing your digital images or sharing them with others.

Whether spot checking on your latest shoot or showing your portfolio to a potential client, the Smartdisk Flashtrax has everything. Even use it to show off your holiday snaps!

Listen to your favourite MP3 music

With its massive 20, 40 or 80GB storage capacity, the Flashtrax has more than enough storage space to fit your ENTIRE music collection. The control panel on the side, built-in speaker, headphone socket or line out facility make it amazingly simple to listen to your music anywhere.

Transfer data files to your PC

No custom drivers or interface software needed here, the Flashtrax is "Plug-and-Play" compatible just like a standard USB 2.0 hard drive. Simple and computer friendly to use, and can also be used to transfer data between PC's.



Store JPEG photographs onto integrated hard-drive (up to 20,000 standard JPEGs on the 20GB version). View these photos on the 3.5′ colour LCD and zoom, rotate and pan each picture.


Use the Flashtrax as your own, portable Jukebox.


Watch videos, music videos, home videos or even the videos made by most "Movie-mode" digital still cameras. AVI (MJPEG.AVI). Plug the Flashtrax into your TV using included cables and infra-red remote control.

Connect to your PC

Back-up and/or transfer photographs (or data, programs etc.) from CF cards using the built in reader. Simply put the card into Flashtrax and hit the one-step COPY button.

Future Upgrades

The built-in operating system of the Smartdisk Flashtrax, is fully up-gradable with any future enhancements from Smartdisk, available through their website. For example the RAW files from the Canon EOS 1D MKII are now compliant with the Flashtrax.

Tech Specs

  • Available in 20, 40 or 80 GB Versions
  • Compatible with CF I and II Compact Flash, IBM microdrive and using a separate (Optional) adapter, can be used with SmartMedia, Memory stick, SD/MMC and xD


  • 3.5" colour TFT LCD with back-light
  • TV Monitor output: PAL or NTSC, composite video
  • JPEG (plus GIF/BMP) Format viewing with zoom, pan, scroll, and rotation support
  • Video: Motion JPEG picture decoding for up to 320 x 240 x 30 frames per second or 640 x 480 x 10 Frames per second
  • Can view simple *.txt files


  • Stereo analog line-out or headphone jack
  • Built in speaker
  • WAV and MP3 formats. Will play MP3 files that are encoded up to 320 kbps

The Flashtrax can run from battery power( Rechargeable Li-ion 2200mAh)or from the mains. It is USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatible, has a separate remote control unit (Included) and is compatible with MAC OS 8.6 or higher and Windows 98SE (Requires downloadable driver), ME, 2000 and XP.

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