Smartdisk Flashtrax XT (2006)

Follow Up To The Popular Flashtrax

As a user of the original Flashtrax, I am intrigued as to what the new Smartdisk Flashtrax XT will be like. Early reports suggest that is has the same storage capacities and similar design. However, what will entice people like myself to want to upgrade?

Using the limited resources available, we have put together some basic facts and will update this page as and when we get more information.

Smartdisk Flashtrax XT: Today’s Digital Lifestyle Portable Multimedia Player/Recorder

Fort Myers, FL, 4/18/2005

SmartDisk FlashTrax XT

The SmartDisk Corporation today announced the Smartdisk Flashtrax XT, a portable, handheld device for storing, playing and sharing your digital images, music & video. The Flashtrax XT is being demonstrated in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasters and RTNDA convention, in booth SL5828 on April 18-21.

Flashtrax XT stores high-resolution images which can be transferred in a similar way to the old Flashtrax, from any flash memory card or video device and then display them on its 3.6" LCD screen, projector or TV screen. The user can now not only enjoy music from their personal MP3 collection, but also listen to the built in FM tuner, plus now have the ability to watch slide shows while listening to music.

A user-friendly LCD screen display and control make image, video or music selection quick and easy. The screen folds, like before, to ensure that both the screen and control buttons remain protected while on the move. This a quite a unique feature among digital portable multimedia players currently on the market. The Flashtrax also serves as an external hard drive with capacities of 40GB and 80GB with transfer speeds of up to 480MBps, so you can transfer, store and access your data anywhere.

The Smartdisk Flashtrax XT also includes a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery but I would recommend buying a spare as back-up if you are using this device professionally.

Charles Klinker, the Vice President of Marketing for SmartDisk explains:

"The Flashtrax XT is an extension of our popular Flashtrax device and incorporates broader support of digital video. The desire to record, store and play back your multimedia content wherever you go is a growing trend among consumers. The Flashtrax XT also enjoys a significant price advantage over competing products, making it more accessible to many consumers."

Availability and Pricing

The suggested retail price for Flashtrax XT will be $399.99 (40GB) and $499.99 for the 80GB model. It should be available in early May 2005 through the normal distributors and retailers.

About SmartDisk Corporation

SmartDisk Corporation is a leading provider of portable, multimedia and network storage products and technologies, which enable people to enjoy, share and keep digital content and information stored securely.

Their Headquarters are in the U.S., with other operations in Europe and Asia. SmartDisk sells and supports its products worldwide via all forms of communication.

My personal dealings with customer service at Smartdisk have been second to none, very impressive. I for one am looking forward to the full review which will be posted here as soon as it arrives.

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