Red Scarlet and Epic

Could These Amazing Cameras Change The Face of DSLR's

Red Scarlet and Epic

RED Scarlet and Epic: Any colour you want as long as it is Red! - November 2008

I think someone described the RED system with the letters "OMG", and rightly so. When you dive into what it is all about you will see why. It makes the war between Canon and Nikon seem like a puny water pistol fight, Well, when up against the mighty Red Scarlet and Epic at least.

RED call it a DSMC or a "digital still and motion camera". Just what the entire industry has been waiting for ever since digital first hit the scene…maybe.

For many film makers, both mainstream and indie, this set up will suffice for just about any recording situation you can think of.

You see, once you have the "brain" of the camera, the brain being a simple, understated box, the possibilities for accessories, add-ons and future upgrades are endless. As RED will tell you, the amount of different combinations for the system stands at well over 1 million at the time of writing!

Red Scarlet and Epic

However, the cheapest "brain" module will set you back around $2,000-$2,500. The top of the range 617 monster...a cool$55,000. Although that does have a ridiculously huge sensor measuring 186mm x 56mm!!!

Red Scarlet and Epic

You can configure your RED Scarlet and Epic camera to shoot like a DSLR, a Cine camera…anything you want. The one thing that pleases me to the "nth" degree is the fact that this camera is future proof. Future-proofed in that it continuously evolves as technology progresses. That means that once a part becomes obsolete, you simply upgrade. Renew that part you need without having to splash out another fortune on a new, complete body.

Red Scarlet and Epic

What this hopefully means is Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Pentax et al will start to follow suit. They will create a DSLR with "upgrade-ability" so that:

  1. 1
    Once the 22mp sensor of your Canon EOS 5D Mark II is not enough for you any more
  2. 2
    Or you damage it
  3. 3
    Maybe you need to replace the shutter etc

You can simply buy spare parts from your local dealer…yes please!

So if you know what, why not just go to the Red website yourself and drool for a while. It's quite ok, honestly! Love it or hate it you have to agree, the specs are incredible and in my opinion, this is the future of digital imaging!

Red Scarlet and Epic

Once you have had a nose around, please come back here and give us your thoughts: Red Scarlet and Epic at

What Others Have Said…

Want it!!!! I do wish it were available now as i am getting ready to invest in the new Canon 22 mega pixel and an expensive lens or two. I'm not be able to get the Scarlett also sadly. I was so hoping it would be out by now. Sigh!

Christine Pincince

Fort Walton Beach Florida

I WANT IT NOW!! ...but I got the Canon EOS 5D Mark II instead. If it were for sale now I would have gotten it. Sigh

Harry Sappington

Jefferson City Missouri USA

What a Camera! The cost is the only prohibiting factor of this system. The company wouldn’t want to give one away for purely demonstrative purposes to a photographer that would truly love to give it a spin. Would it? The idea of a component system is neat, but wasn't it tried before?

I seem to remember something about a mainstream company trying to market one some time ago. The problem as with this one is cost. The modular idea makes perfect sense, however unless you are shooting for National Geographic who would be able to mortgage their home to buy it? Remember if they need someone to try this in a classroom setting or in basic photography I would be very willing to oblige.

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