Reader Wedding Photography Tips

Do you have any reader wedding photography tips that our regulars at ATP may find useful?

Reader Wedding Photography Tips

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Bad Weather is Good for you by Patrick Stubbs (Lincoln, United Kingdom)

In the beginning we are told to be scared of the wind and the rain. But if you get out there and embrace it, you can get some great results.

Digital Camera Are Not a Blessing! by Mike Hallock (Beloit, WI USA)

If you are, and most of us are, shooting weddings with Digital Cameras. Be very careful about a few things. One, bring plenty of backup equipment such as extra flashes, make sure that they are ready to go and work with all your cameras. Two, speaking of cameras, make sure that you carry at least one backup, if not two backup cameras.

All shooting the same type of memory cards and all the cameras can work with your backup flashes! And three, you just might want to bring a backup film camera. Who knows that if you get struck with lighting, you know the thunderstorm type, a film camera might, just might save your neck when the bride asks for her pictures, at least you might be able to salvage some film shots. Just like your wedding files, which you should be backing up at all times, you need to backup, backup, backup.

Hello Sir by Arvind Padmanabh Shenoy (Bangalore India Asia)

I have a wedding to click tomorrow in church and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. The style of writing and also the humour in your writing is so nice and I enjoyed the entire article. This is a thank you to you from my side from the other side of the globe. You rock. Keep rocking.

Bombsight Photography by Mark Devillier (Lumberton, Texas U.S.A.)

Thank you so much for everything you have done to bring us all of this most valuable info! If I ever make any $$$ doing weddings, I will certainly remember this site. I have a wedding shoot tentatively scheduled for June of 2010. I will refer back to this info. many times between now & then. Mark

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