Portrait of Emily With Rainbow

Keep your eyes peeled for photo opportunities

Portrait of Emily with Rainbow

Halfway through this shoot, we took a break from shooting indoors, and Emily looked outside to see if the rain had stopped so we could do some pool shots. She saw the most amazing rainbow with an incredible backdrop of clouds. Even though it was still raining, we ran outside and I must have shot about 40 photographs including this portrait of Emily with rainbow backdrop.

The sun was just setting and threw a golden light onto Emily...perfect. This only happens once in a while, and you have to be ready to get a little wet if you want that shot. Keep your eyes open all the time for any opportunities that arise. This is particularly useful advice at weddings.

Whenever I am shooting a wedding, I always reccie the local vicinity for any special areas for portraits. This could be:

  • A local park
  • The beach
  • Their garden
  • A place where they got engaged or proposed to
  • Their home

It is worth investing the time to find great locations as the couple appreciate it and your portfolio gets a boost. Remember though, don't spend too long on any one location as this could have the opposite effect. Keep the couple happy : )

Anyway, this was a great portrait shoot that went on for a couple of hours. We pretty much stayed inside the villa up to this point shooting different model poses using studio lighting and flash. I think this was Emily's first official portrait shoot as she was only 15 at the time.

Her parents loved all the shots and ordered 6 large canvas prints for their villa walls. Everyone's a winner!

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