Lowepro Dryzone Rover Review

Waterproof, spacious, comfortable camera rucksack

Lowepro Dryzone Rover Review

Lowepro Dryzone Rover Specifications (Aug 2009)

Lowepro Dryzone Rover Capacity: Pro digital or 35mm SLR; 3-4 additional lenses (up to an 80-200mm f/2.4); tripod or monopod, memory cards, cables and personal accessories.

Size (Exterior): 13W X 9.6D X 21.1H in./ 33 X 24.5 X 53.5 cm (Good for flight hand luggage)

Camera Compartment Inner Dimensions: 11.8W X 6.9D X 8.7H in./30 X 17.5 X 22 cm

Top Compartment Inner Dimensions: 11.8W X 7.3D X 12H in./30 X 18.5 X 30.5 cm

Outer Fabric (Backpack): water-resistant 600D TXP and 2000D ballistic nylon

Outer Fabric Waterproof: (Waterproof Drypod) waterproof plastic-coated nylon

Weight: 4.94lbs/2.24kg

The Lowepro Dryzone Rover is the world's first photography backpack designed to safely carry both a hydration system (50oz or 1.5 litres) and camera equipment. All inside the same bag. Plus the fact it will also hold:

  • A jacket
  • Food
  • Accessories

This could be the answer to my quandary…

You see, I had a problem!

I need a backpack for a very arduous journey. I will be taking part in an 8 day, 2000km charity Enduro Motocross event in 2009 (now complete). This will take us across some of South Africa's most rugged and inaccessible terrain including around 70+ river crossings.

My problem is how to carry my camera gear so it is protected and also waterproof. I don't need to take my camera gear with me to Africa but I cannot do this "once in a lifetime" event without recording it! The other problem is that we are often in the "saddle" from dawn 'til dusk. We need a personal hydration system with us at all times as well as medical kit, waterproof clothing, energy bars...

I have spent weeks looking for a solution. I did find a super tough, waterproof backpack but it was solid and could hold nothing other than camera gear. No water, wet weather clothing or accessories.

Then I stumbled across and bought the Lowepro Dryzone Rover!

Another bonus is that the waterproof compartment is also extremely buoyant and according to Lowepro, has actually saved the life of an intrepid explorer when he fell through ice into a frozen lake!

So, hopefully this bag will suit the task at hand. Even though I won't be taking much kit, I did manage to get my Canon 5D Mark II with 24-70 fitted, 70-200 f2.8 IS, 50mm 1.4, 2x converter, 580EX II speedlight and a few bits inside! On my return, I will add to this section with a full review of the Lowepro Dryzone Rover and see if the backpack is still going strong!

Initial likes

  • Strength and durability
  • Comfort
  • Waterproof and airtight
  • Good capacity for camera gear, water and accessories

Initial dislikes

  • Bulkiness/Depth of Base Unit (only because I will be riding a motocross bike)
  • First taste of water from bladder was disgusting (rinse a few times first)

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