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In depth tutorials for Adobe Lightroom from Kubota Image Tools

Kevin Kubota Lightroom Tutorials

Kevin Kubota Adobe Lightroom Tutorials

  • Shoot RAW?
  • Do you have a fairly hectic workflow?
  • Already own Adobe Lightroom and feel a little confused?

Even if you haven't yet bought Adobe Lightroom for your MAC or PC, you may have thought about it, read reviews and even downloaded the trial version to have a play. Even though you saw its potential, you may have been left thinking that you hadn't quite seen enough of what this amazing program can do and therefore couldn't justify its cost?

Well you are not alone

I have used and enjoyed Adobe Photoshop for 14 years now. However, about a decade ago, I hadn't thought much about Lightroom. I wasn't about to start learning yet another program during an incredibly busy time for me and my family. A photographer friend of mine at the time was using Adobe Lightroom and swore by it. He couldn't believe that I wasn't using it yet either.

In all honesty I had looked at it. However, even though the interface looked incredible, and like so many other people, I just didn’t have the time to learn it. Then I thought to myself "what is my time actually worth?"

On my own, Adobe Lightroom would take maybe 4 or 5 solid days to learn? A week? More maybe? For less than $100 and just 3-4 hours out of my day, I can recoup a whole week of my time for a measly $30 per hour. Plus I have a permanent reference which I will review once a month every month! When I think that during a wedding I charge maybe $200-400 per hour, the price of these tutorials is peanuts but also priceless for my business!

So when my friends at Kevin Kubota Image Tools asked me to review a copy of their new Adobe Lightroom Tutorials, I gladly accepted knowing that this would once and for all get me more involved and clued up on it.

Lightroom Tutorials: Who is Kevin Kubota Anyway?

Kevin Kubota is rated as one of the world's top ten wedding photographers. As soon as I started watching Kevin's video tutorials embedded within an extensive, good looking and well written document, I knew why. I was hooked.

Kevin understands photographers...that much is obvious by the way he teaches. He has a slow, calm and methodical approach to explaining things that just "stick". He even has quite a good (dry) sense of humour!

All the time I was watching the tutorials (in one complete session by the way) things were clicking in my head and becoming obvious. Things stood out that I absolutely knew for sure would assist my heavy workflow during weddings, portrait and stock shoots.

In the few short hours it took to watch and read the whole lot, I went from complete novice to actually understanding the fundamentals of this amazing piece of software. So much so that I immediately started organising my stock images using Adobe Lightroom's excellent image management system. It works!

What do I get?

Included in the package is;

  • Getting Stared PDF (1.3Mmb)
  • Written PDF version of Raw Workflow for Adobe Lightroom (18mb)
  • Interactive QuickTime Movie version of Raw Workflow for Adobe Lightroom (170mb)

You may have seen already a couple of short video clips taken from the Adobe Lightroom Tutorial that I showed on the Adobe Lightroom Review. If not, here they are again. The first (left) shows very quickly how the presets work within Adobe Lightroom in the fact that you can see the effect before applying. The second (right) shows you one feature of Adobe Lightroom that is quite amazing. Intuitive Target Adjusting or Hot Keys.

Do you own Lightroom?

If you bought Adobe Lightroom and then didn't use it since as it was too complicated, you may think you wasted your money. Invest a little more and actually learn how to use it. You will recoup your investment tenfold in time saving and image quality. Guaranteed!

If you haven't yet bought Adobe Lightroom but are sitting on the fence until you "have time" to learn it…trust me, buy this tutorial. Watch it and then tell me it didn't light your fire.

Whilst you are at it, check out Kevin Kubota's Adobe Lightroom Presets for a mere $49. I bought them and am already using most of them. Digital photography is getting far too easy!!!

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