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In this Newsletter:

  • A Quick Rant
  • Shooting Celebrities
  • 2 Monster Camera Releases
  • Nikon Firmware Updates

I wanted to make sure that I get a newsletter out in July. Therefore, I am using a bit of "quiet time" to write this and even feel a bit of a rant coming on. Even though I am, as always, super busy, I still get alerts and news feeds through the web on a daily basis. This is all in a desperate attempt to stay up to date with the goings on out there in the real world. This dark, lonely office is really starting to grate!

I am hoping to get some time off for good behaviour over the summer to spend some quality time with the family. That is my ageing 5D, 1D Mark III and Video camera...oh, and the wife and kids!

Anyway, after nearly 4 years of being online with ATP, I received my first "complaint" of sorts last week. In fact I guess it was more of a poke at my personal ethics. A reader emailed me with disgust at the "fact" that I upload royalty free stock images to microstock sites as well as selling them Rights Managed.

Edit 2018: Those images have made well over $100,000 now so Rassssssp!

Well, "fact" is probably the wrong word to use as I don't, and never have sold images as right managed or licensed. After sending an email back explaining that I only sell images online as royalty free, I have heard no more on the matter. I guess by building this website I put myself in the firing line. However, I'm still always open to opinions, corrections, advice and comments but please get them right if you email in ; )

With that in mind, all the differing opinions I see online during my research and general browsing, I have learnt to wear my BS and ego deflectors well. Still, sometimes I struggle to follow my own path as the things I read sometimes stick in my mind. One thing that writing and teaching the forthcoming Wedding Photography Blueprint (see below) has taught me is to listen to my own heart and simply do what I do and enjoy it.

  • If I want to drool about and crave for more megapixels, I will
  • What if I feel the need to use direct flash? I will
  • If I want to take a quick photo knowing damn well I plan to, and am quite capable of correcting it in Photoshop later, I will
  • Finally, if I want to upload more pics to those pesky microstock agencies, I will

*Stands Up*

"Hi. I am Nick Stubbs and I am a techno-gadget freak who uses flash and sometimes corrects images later in Photoshop with the sole intention of uploading to microstock"

*Sits Down*

It seems that the current trend is to be seen as a "natural light only", raw, hardened by war, self taught photographer for whom the camera doesn't matter because it is how you shoot the subject that really counts. And breathe...

Well I for one am happy to state I am overall not one of those people although I am for the most part self taught. I agree with the "how you shoot it" bit but that depends on what you are trying to achieve in this digital age.

Sure, if the scene or setting allows it, I will shoot natural light and spend time thinking about what I am doing. However, time is a luxury these days and I rarely get to shoot "for myself". When I get the chance though, I will use my speedlight and goddammit I will be proud ; )

Say I happen to see something in a shot that isn't there yet but will miraculously appear after half an hour in Photoshop, so be it! If it sells, even better! I think it really doesn't matter how you get there with your photography, natural or not. What does matter is that you enjoy the journey as digital photography is one of the best hobbies there is. Digital photography is readily available to practically everyone, more so than ever before...natural schmatural (new word)?

The Hay Wain

After all, do you not think that when John Constable painted the Hay Wain he may have omitted to paint in the finer, less attractive details in the image. Things such as a carelessly discarded Snickers wrapper or steaming dog "Doo Doo" left by the cheeky canine in the foreground of the image?

Of course he did!

If you are new to photography, take what you read and hear online with a pinch of salt. If you like what you do (and it is legal) stick with it!

Right, rant over (I must get out more)

Celebrity Spotting

Newsletter July 2008 Eastenders

It seems that my first impressions (as outlined in one of our forum posts) regarding "Mr Paparazzi" were a little unfounded after finding my Eastenders images of "Roxy and Ronnie" were used online without them informing me. I have now received an invoice request from them for said images. Also, I have received a second invoice request today after the same images were also used by recently.

On top of that I have received a few phone calls from them asking me to follow this up. Can I try to shoot a few more celebs in the local area that they got wind of? I am not really a paparazzi kind of guy as I hate invading people's privacy but hey, if they flaunt it I’ll shoot it! Seems it is worth a go if I am able so maybe you could get involved in your area?

A Couple of Big Ones!

My God! What a couple of beauties! Hasselblad have released the stunning 50mp H3DII-50 and Phase One have topped it with the 60.5mp P65 full frame medium format 645 system (the world's first). Where will it all end and where can I get hold of £20,000 really quickly?

You see, I really do love megapixels and these are a wedding/commercial/stock photographers dream. Although me and my PC probably couldn't do them justice, but who cares!

Nikon D3 and D300 firmware updates

Just a quick bit of housekeeping for you Nikonians out there (edit 2018: links now removed as outdated):

  • 1. Nikon D3 Firmware Update 2.00 (Windows) - Europe
  • 2. Nikon D3 Firmware Update 2.00 (Mac) - Europe
  • 3. Nikon D3 Firmware Update 2.00 (Windows) - USA
  • 4. Nikon D3 Firmware Update 2.00 (Mac) - USA
  • 5. Nikon D300 Firmware Update 1.03 (Windows) - Europe
  • 6. Nikon D300 Firmware Update 1.03 (Mac) - Europe
  • 7. Nikon D300 Firmware Update 1.03 (Windows) - USA
  • 8. Nikon D300 Firmware Update 1.03 (Mac) - USA

Wedding Photography Blueprint

We are furiously batting away any distractions whilst trying to get this out for the end of the month. It is coming along nicely. An injured ankle, chipped tooth and recent five day trip to Spain haven’t helped. However, I did get to shoot a funky, late night society wedding in Sotogrande with a few TV and music celebrity guests thrown in. Oh, and I also got to top up my tan.

Note: Can you believe that when I was out there I had to turn down a wedding job in the Bahamas. I was already booked for that date. An offer to shoot a glitzy girlie party in the Ritz Carlton in Marbella also had to be rejected. This business is amazing!

I am putting the final touches to the accompanying eBook as well as the DVDs. It would be great and I would appreciate any comments as to what you would like to be included. That is if you are interested of course. However, the chances are we have already covered it:

Tell us...

  • What problems are you having getting started in wedding photography?
  • Do you want to get started but are afraid of something? Messing up perhaps or think your kit isn’t up to scratch?
  • Have you shot a couple of weddings and are struggling with something?
  • Do you not quite understand the differing lighting scenarios and how to deal with them?

Consistency is the key. You see many people can come away from being a guest at a wedding with a few "corkers" that they have taken with a point and shoot camera. However, to consistently, wedding after wedding, come away with cracking shots from every stage of the day is a different story.

Get in touch and let us know your concerns and we will make sure it gets covered.


Do you want to help us sell the Wedding Photography Blueprint and earn some money? 50% of the sales price to be precise! Are you already on our list? If not, why not?

  • What tools do you need us to supply you with to help you sell online?
  • Help with using and understanding Google ads?
  • Help with placing links on your website?
  • Ideas on how to sell?

It really isn't as hard as you might think! For example, a simple link with your own affiliate code can be yours to add to your blog or website and that is it. Job done! When a sale is made through your link, we get notified. We then send payment out the following month for all sales. Just get on our affiliate list (edit 2018: link removed as now non-active) and we will be in touch when we launch.

Well, that is it for now. Once the Blueprint is done and dusted and "on the shelves" I hope to update ATP some more and get cracking with some new articles and sections. That is once I have finished the next eBook "The Business of Photography". Sigh...

Have fun and be safe!

Nick: All Things Photography

P.s. Over the past few weeks I have had a few requests for our wedding photography course down here in Weymouth. People have been asking when will we be running some more. I apologise if you are one of those people that I haven't managed to get back to but we will be hopefully starting them again in the Autumn (beginning of October). The guest house we use is full throughout the summer so we need to wait until then.

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