September 30, 2018

Instagram Videos & How to Change the Thumbnail

Instagram Videos Not Showing the Best Thumbnail ?

How to Change the Instagram Cover Photo

So why would you want to change the Instagram videos thumbnail every time you upload?

Ok, so I am fairly new to Instagram (yeah, I know being a photography site and all that). However, I am starting to utilise the features and marketing possibilities in the future. I am also starting to upload Instagram videos as well as my images.

I uploaded a video to Instagram today, just as a test and immediately found an issue with how Instagram shows that video. In the edit for the video, I inserted a "fade to black" leader and this is what caused the problem.

When the Instagram video showed up on my timeline, it simply showed a black box for a thumbnail. Obviously this won't help click-throughs as people won't know what the video is about.

I subsequently discovered that you cannot change the thumbnail for your Instagram video once uploaded. Therefore I quickly deleted the video and looked for a solution. Which is this...

How to Change Your Instagram Videos Thumbnail 

  • 1
    Go to Instagram and click +
  • 2
    Find your video, select it and click "Next"
  • 3
    Select "Cover" at the bottom of the page and click "Next"
  • 4
    Choose your thumbnail from the image strip and click "Next"
  • 5
    Write your caption as normal and click "Share"

Your Instagram video should now have the correct thumbnail. One that will hopefully entice people to click through and actually watch it.  Check out the images below for more details and click them for larger versions.

Why Does it Matter?

The whole point if uploading images and videos to Instagram is views. You want people to actually look at what you post otherwise there is no point right?

It is much like when you are trying to sell stock photography. The thumbnail counts for a hell of a lot as to whether people click it or not. It should pretty much say what is in the video in a simple and easy to understand way.

With stock photography and video, it could be the difference between and sale or lost customer. With Instagram, it could mean the difference between likes and shares and sadness when no-one pays your uploads any attention : (

Instagram Video Thumbnail Selection in Images 

Instagram Videos
Instagram Videos
Instagram Videos
Instagram Videos
Instagram Videos
Instagram Video How to Change Cover Image 1

Fig. 1 - Instagram Video Homepage

Instagram Video How to Change Thumbnail Image

Fig. 2 - Instagram Video Upload

Instagram Video How to Change Cover Image

Fig. 3 - Instagram Video Cover

Instagram Video How to Change the Thumbnail Image

Fig. 4 - Instagram Video Choice

Instagram Video How to Change the Thumbnail Image

Fig. 5 - Instagram Video Share

Please share and leave your comments below if you have any Instagram Tips of your own to share. You can add your website URL as a thank you ; )

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