Go Pro Extension Rod

Extended reach to film yourself in action on land and underwater

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The Go Pro Extension Rod is made exclusively by Eye of Mine in the United States. It is a great addition to your Go Pro kit that allows you to capture footage simply not possible before. If you own a Go Pro action camera, you will know just how much fun they are to use. I have used my Go Pros for all manner of video footage from filming the kids playing in the woods right up to using one as a B roll camera at a wedding.

The Go Pro camera's can be pretty much attached to anything. They are very light and compact however, there are some areas that are just too tough to get to without some help. The Go Pro extension rod from Eye of Mine is a great accessory to have in your kit. I have already had a play with mine as you can see in the above video.

Obviously I have only had time to play with this rod in a few locations but I can say it works great underwater. It is light and easy to use. I felt quite safe that my Go Pro camera was secure at all times as the connections are well made and the rod feels strong.

If you have ever been skiing, this pole is very similar to the ski poles you are given. Right down to the grip and the strap. I am dying to try this out on the slopes but I haven't been skiing for years so maybe a holiday is in order. A rather expensive way to review a stick don’t you think? Best start saving!

Uses for the Go Pro extension rod

This extension rod could also be used:

  • At a concert for filming your favourite band
  • To film your skateboarding antics
  • Film outside a car window (responsibly though ; )
  • Or anything you can think of

At just $49 I think this is a cool little accessory to have. Of course, it will work with other similar cameras and anything you can attach to a tripod mount. For example, a speedlight with Pocket Wizard. Although I would double check the weight first. It would most probably be fine when NOT extended as it appears a lot stronger then).

Please see maximum load weight in specs below.

Note/Caveat: I just put my Canon 580EX II with Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 on the extension rod CLOSED. It held up very well. I didn’t feel like there was too much weight or pressure on the rod. If the rod was extended, no chance. Just be aware that this wasn't what the rod was designed for but I do like to improvise. Neither ATP or Eye of Mine are responsible for any breakages due to mis-use.

All in all, the Go Pro Extension Rod is a handy tool to have around for those "hard to film" scenarios. Or even simply to have fun and grab cool footage of your sporting and adventure action both on dry land and underwater.

Extension Pole Specs

  • Diameter - 3/4" (19mm)
  • Length - Extendable from 32" to 55"
  • Underwater - Yes
  • Attachments Included - Lockable ball-in-socket tripod head and GoPro tripod adapter
  • Security - Wrist Strap
  • Weight -10 oz (280 grams) with tripod head
  • Max Load for non-Go Pro Camera - 12 oz (340 grams)
  • Colour - Green

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