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Hi all,

Update 2021: This page has been kept for archival purposes.

How has your February been? If you are feeling a little down and deflated due to the weather or economic crisis, bear in mind that February is typically a slow month for most people and businesses anyway.

March always brings a new feeling of hope, motivation, inspiration, determination and all that jazz…well for me it does anyway. Maybe it is some primeval instinct built into us to feel relief at the end of winter as we look forward to a warmer climate with longer days?

Anyway, February has actually been quite busy as I am writing the new section for ATP and also went to the Focus exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham (more of that later).

So, what is this month’s short "waffle" all about?

  • 1D Mark III for sale - Needs must I’m afraid
  • Tasty 5D Mark II sound accessories
  • Focus on Imaging
  • Pocket Wizards

Tasty Canon EOS 5D Mark II sound accessories

If you have recently bought a Canon 5D Mark II or are thinking of doing so, maybe the reports of the sound quality has put you off a little? To be honest, I had a play with the Mark II at the Focus exhibition recently and was actually quite impressed by the sound considering the size of the mic.

I have actually got some footage with sound to show you in the Focus report later too.

It was inevitable that at some point, and I mentioned it in my brief review of the 5D Mark II, that there would be some new add-ons for sound technology soon enough and boy was I right.

“So my prediction for the next generation will include the continuation and improvement of dynamic range, low light and high ISO performance over a higher pixel count. Plus possibly improving the video capabilities to include animation (stop motion), varying resolutions and recording/sound modes whilst creating more peripherals such as “hot shoe microphones“, on camera lighting and maybe even a new form of solid state media?“

Well, you can find a whole host of such goodies on sale at B and H now…

The Sweet Sound of HD at B & H

Focus on Imaging Exhibition

I spent two days at the exhibition as I really don’t think one day is enough. For me, it is not so much the size of the place and the amount of exhibitors, but the people showing off their wares were so enthusiastic and forthcoming, I lost three hours on day two talking to just 3 people!

Pocket Wizards

If you have just read my review of Focus above, you will know that I don’t just promote any and every product that hits the shelves. Basically my attitude towards products is (at the moment and until I enlist more help), if I like it and it is worth telling people about, I will write about it. I don’t like to waste my time promoting rubbish for the sake of it.

That is why I am writing this short review on three of Pocket Wizards latest creations the Pocket Wizard Plus 2, Pocket Wizard Multi Max and the Pocket Wizard TTL.

Pocket Wizards

So, that is it for now. I have a ton of work to do and hope to make next months newsletter a little bigger, and also promise to start including more Nikon news ; )

Have a mad March…I feel Spring is in the air!

All the best,

Nick, ATP

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