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I spent a bit of time sourcing Digital Photo Book manufacturers for my wedding photography business. It was during my visit to the (now finished) annual Focus Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. I must admit I was a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice available. Ultimately, this led me to try and source the best quality for the most reasonable price.

There was one main thing that stood out to me at the SIM2000 Imaging section (now Sim Imaging). It was the attention, help and courtesy shown to everyone that visited their stand by their customer service reps. The company’s senior management were on hand to assist too. And that was after already seeing and feeling the high quality of their products,

I spent some time looking through their products which included:

  1. 1
    Photo Albums
  2. 2
  3. 3
    Photo Frames
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
    Marketing Materials

…but the main digital photo book was the thing that stood out for me. It was sturdy, well made with great attention given to the finer details such as the spine and quality of paper inside. I knew it was something any wedding couple would be only too happy to receive as part of their package.

The pages of the main album are the solid, lay-flat type which I love. You get no loss of imagery in the gutter of the book when leafing through the pages.

Photographers Studio Sample

I wanted to order their photographers' studio sample set, partly to see the quality with my own images inserted. However, I also wanted to promote this style of digital photo book to my future clients. SIM2000 Imaging have some free professional design software (for MAC or PC) which you can download from their website. The intuitive software makes creating your own digital wedding photo book a breeze.

Once you have created your Photobook/digital album, you simply go through the ordering process and upload the book for printing. Check out the video below for a peak into this process.

I received the studio sample set within a couple of weeks (2 days prior to writing this review). When the package arrived I was praying that the quality wouldn't let me down. I have been disappointed in the past with other manufacturers and it is not a good feeling when you have spent the best part of a day creating and uploading a photo book. And spent good money in the process.

As soon as I took the book out of the box I smiled.

Top quality photobooks

The weight and quality felt good immediately. As did the smell of the photographic leather exterior and as soon as I opened the book I knew the quality was retained throughout. The image quality was fantastic. The pages, bindings and general finish was excellent and the three types of photo finish (matt, gloss and metallic) were all as good as each other in their own way.

Note: I would recommend getting your studio sample made with all three types of finish (10 sides matt, 10 sides glossy and 10 sides metallic). Let your client decide which they prefer. It looks more professional giving them a more diverse choice rather than you deciding for them.

The next book I looked at was the A5 parent book. An exact replica of the main book but with a standard, hard cover, press printed or photographic paper and a photographic wrap. This book also has stiff, lay flat pages and the print quality is very good.

Next in the set came the two even smaller A6 guest books. Exactly the same as the parent book but half the size…quality was the same.

Lastly you receive a pack of 8 paperback pocket books. Again a replica of the original but this time the pages are not lay flat, they are the traditional type of page. Bear this in mind as you will no doubt have prepared the rest of your books with the lay flat style in mind and you will lose some detail in the gutter of these smaller books.

My Digital Photo Book Samples

See next video for book samples…

Apart from this last point and the fact that the parent book and guest books come in rather plain looking boxes (the main album comes in a solid, quality box with cloth inlay), I will feel more than confident showing these to any potential wedding clients.

Overall, the Simware software and choice of products makes running your business and ordering high quality products for your clients not only a breeze, but an enjoyable experience too.

Head over to the Sim Imaging UK website. Download the software and have a play at creating your own digital photo book. They come highly recommended! You may also want to check out: Asukabooks for the Pro.

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