Digital Camera Cases

Ultralight, Watertight and Very, Very Tough Digital Camera Cases

Digital Camera Cases

When I was at a recent exhibition I was particularly interested in solid resin digital camera cases for my growing and expensive camera kit. There were two or three manufacturers in attendance but one caught my eye in particular.

I have been looking for a solid case for my upcoming trip to South Africa. There I will be riding a Moto-X bike across some of the roughest terrain in the country and will inevitably fall off quite a few times. I desperately want to take my Canon EOS 5D Mark II but hadn’t found a safe, secure camera carrying solution until now. See model HPRC 3500 above (click image)…the ONLY solid photography backpack cases currently on sale in the world.

HPRC camera cases are some of the toughest and most ergonomically designed that I have seen.

These waterproof cases are not just useful as digital photographic cases. They have been ordered in their thousands by:

  • The military
  • Nautical
  • Police
  • Medical
  • Industrial services

All for their incredible durability, quality and style all with a lifetime warranty!

So what makes these camera cases better than anything else?

  • Innovation in design
  • Certified production quality
  • Dust proof, waterproof, corrosion proof, acid proof, shock proof and scratch-proof
  • Unique resin mix
  • Lightest weight
  • Reinforced corners
  • High performance at extreme temperatures
  • Smooth opening latches
  • Ergonomic long comfort handle
  • Foam or bag interior
  • Custom logo service (i.e. "First Aid", "Panasonic", "Canon", "Nikon")
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Next day delivery (UK) - Also shipped worldwide

Check out the range below and find one that suits your kit. They have everything from tiny cases to keep your memory cards safe, right up to the largest cases that will hold your entire kit as well as elongated or purpose built cases for your tripod, rifle and laptop (how’s that for diversity).

Love your kit? Check out these digital camera cases at Amazon.

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