Newsletter December 2007

Hi all and a very warm welcome to our Dec Newsletter!

December 2007 Newsletter
December 2007 Newsletter

Please Note: All courses are currently on hold due to Covid. Please join our newsletter to hear about any future courses, both online and off, in the future. Many thanks!

2007 has been quite a year for both myself and All Things Photography. I have had a huge workload in the practical sense of professional photography throughout the wedding season. On top of that, shipping my family and life back to the UK after nearly 10 years in Spain.

The site continues to grow with readership and traffic more than doubling this year. 2008 promises to be even better as I dedicate more time to the website and make some big changes. These include forums and your chance to add your comments and one rather large and exciting project I am undertaking…

This month:

  • Winter Photography
  • Wedding Photography Workflow
  • Nine Newbie Questions
  • Kubota Artistic Tools Volume 3
  • 1 Day Wedding Photography Course

Winter Photography

Received new camera kit or funky accessories for Christmas? (I am assuming that you are reading this after the event). Are you dying to try them out in the winter chill (unless you are reading this somewhere warm and sunny in which case…lucky you!)

Here are some ideas to get your grey matter whirring: Winter Photography

Wedding Photography Workflow

I received a question from a reader at ATP about the process after shooting a wedding. With his permission, I have added to my FAQ section. Workflow for processing images is an area where many people differ in their styles. It is also sometimes more stressful than shooting the wedding itself as the workload piles up: Wedding Photography Workflow

Nine Newbie Questions

I was recently asked if I would participate in a small questionnaire for a help site for parents or newbies to the world of photography. Again, with the permission from the site owner I have added them to my FAQ's here: Nine Newbie Questions

Kubota Artistic Tools Volume 3

I really must stop plugging this guy, he will think I am stalking him. However, I bought a copy of the latest Action Set from Kevin Kubota and was once again very impressed.

I have bought every set so far and use them regularly. I can't stress enough that by using these "enhancements" for your images you will set yourself apart from other photographers in your area: Kubota Artistic Tools Volume 3

One Day Wedding Photography Course

I received a very good response to the wedding photography course in last month's newsletter. After listening to that feedback I have reduced the course to one days intensive training.

We currently have a couple of spaces left for the first course which is to be held on Saturday 16th February here in Weymouth. If you are interested the course will involve;

  • Preparation for the day
  • Shooting the wedding from start to finish
  • Using local church and beach for ideas
  • Best camera settings for each situation
  • Low light photography techniques
  • Poses/reportage techniques
  • What to shoot other than the standard stuff
  • What to do in unexpected situations
  • Equipment to take
  • Useful tips
  • Processing and Photoshop
  • Presentation to the Client
  • ...and more as and when I think of it!

The cost for the one day course is £175 or £210 if you require accommodation the night before with breakfast in the morning. Rooms are limited but we have "spill over" accommodation available next door! If you wish to stay another night we can extend the course into the evening with questions and answers for those staying on. Extra night B & B is £30.

Please contact us for further information or bookings

So that just leaves me to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the readers at ATP! I hope you have a wonderful time over the holidays and emerge relatively unscathed and ready to enter 2008.

Take care,

All Things Photography
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