December 2012 Newsletter

Happy Holidays from All Things Photography!

December 2012 Newsletter

Learn Wedding Photography Online, Free Access to ATP Members, Go Pro HD Hero 3…

I hope our December 2012 Newsletter finds you well, fully charged and all geared up for the impending holidays!

There is something I find it strange at this time of year. That is how the weather on British TV really dramatises the fact that it is getting colder!?!?? Doesn't that happen every winter? We are so ill-equipped every year it's quite embarrassing!

This year they are threatening that it could be the worst winter on record. Gimme a break, they say the same every year! I can remember when I was very young (and have the photos to prove it) that we used to get bucket loads of snow down south in Kent in the 70's and 80's.

I have old cine film of us on a ferry going from Harwich to Denmark in the early 70's. The north sea was frozen! Sledging, snowball fights, making ice slides down our road. Hardly happens down this way anymore (Weymouth) but yes, it gets cold…so what!

Anyway, I have decided this year to try and record the winter and festivities as much as I can with both stills and video. I even hope to have some aerial photo/footage equipment early next this space.

Wedding Enquiries

Lately I have been getting more and more wedding enquiries for this area (Dorset). With that, a good percentage of "closed" bookings for next year and 2014 so I must be doing something right. A couple of the weddings are really exciting with stunning locations and fun days planned. Something different for a change.

I have also been sharing some cool and crazy ideas with couples and they seem to be going down very well. To the point of getting the booking there and then.

Sometimes, and quite surprisingly, it does take some doing to convince couples that your hard work is worth it. Worth more than the wedding car, cake or short firework display they have planned but they are coming round.

Perhaps we are nearing the end of the super cheap wedding photography deals as photographers realise they cannot survive in business that way. Couples maybe now realise the true value of experience and professionalism (and this is certainly something I have yet to experience luckily)!

I think the wedding photography industry is going through changes again, creative-wise, for me at least.

Anyway, if you have been following our blog or Facebook page recently, you will have seen that I have a new baby. No, not a flesh and blood one before you all start sending good wishes (2 is quite enough thank you). A new baby camera.

The Go Pro HD Hero 3

This is probably one of the most exciting imaging tools I have played with for a long time. One that has really got the creative juices flowing, it is tiny! But what about image quality and its general usefulness?

To test the quality of this little marvel, I uploaded a quick 30 second video clip, shot in fairly low light, to Shutterstock. It was accepted pretty much straight away.

This has opened up a whole new world for shooting creative stock video. The best thing is, this camera won't break the bank but it will give you amazing quality and a lot of fun. More later.

I have also been furiously rendering and preparing all of the Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 DVD's and bonuses. I have loaded them to a private section of the Blueprint site where you are now able to watch and learn wedding photography online in high definition.

It is also cheaper this way. We even offer various payment terms now to help get you started in this wonderful and lucrative industry!

More below.

This month

December 2012 Newsletter
  • Wedding Photography Blueprint Online
  • ATP Members no sign up fee!
  • Go Pro HD Hero 3
  • Go Pro Alternative - Yo! Y21
  • 3D Printing!
  • Alamy reduce contributor royalties
  • Bike ride, piccies and pano's

Wedding Photography Blueprint 2.0 Online

December 2012 Newsletter

After months of work and nearly pulling (what's left of) my hair out, I have finally finished. I have got the entire course and bonuses online at a private section of the website. This will enable anyone wanting to break into wedding photography, to learn and study anywhere, at any time as well as receiving ongoing support.

You can now watch the course online using your computer, Smartphone or tablet or any Wi-Fi/ internet-enabled device. In glorious HD!

Not only that, we have reduced the price for Christmas. We've also removed the postage fees and added 4 payment plans to suit every budget. The idea is to allow anyone wanting to really learn this industry to do so without breaking the bank.

Now you really do have nothing to lose so head on over to the site now to check it out: Wedding Photography Blueprint Online

ATP Members Online Photography Training: Save $65!

As another Christmas gift, we are for a limited time, wavering the signup fee for ATP Members, the online training section of All Things Photography where you can learn:

  • Beginner Photography Training
  • DSLR Training
  • The Business of Photography
  • How to Sell Stock Photos with your DSLR
  • A total of more than 15 hours of video tutorials…

Plus we have forums and galleries where you can upload your work for comments and critique. All part of our friendly online community. So if you have just received or will be getting a lovely new DSLR for Christmas, why not start early and get on board!

If you are buying a DSLR for a loved one, what better way to get them started than buying them a membership for just $10 (£6) per month? NOW FREE!!!

Go to ATP Members today and get started. Please Note: Offer now ended (for now)

Go Pro HD Hero 3

Go Pro HD Hero 3

I am sure I will calm down and get tired of this camera soon. However, Go Pro just seem to up their game with every new release of this little power house. The latest incarnation has been considerably reduced in size and weight. Whilst at the same time, packing a ton of features into its slim little figure!

There were concerns that there may be some sacrifices to features and image quality when reducing the size like this. So what did I think when I put it through its paces?

Well, you can read my thoughts and check out a whole bunch of test images and footage using the link below. Take it from me, for the money, this camera is a cool little gift to give (to yourself maybe ; )

Check out the videos in HD, read the specs, see what it can do and then tell me you wouldn't have fun with this little baby. I recently had it in my mouth whilst filming my daughter in glorious slow motion High Definition as I swung her around at a wedding reception : ) Go Pro HD Hero 3 Review

Go Pro Alternative: The Yo! Y21

Before I bought the Go Pro HD Hero 3, I was sent a new contender to the POV (point of view) battle and it had a strange name…the Yo! Y21. Another “bundle of fun” that when it comes to price, could be a viable alternative to the market-leading Go Pro.

Check it out: Yo! Y21 Review

3D Printing

This has been around for a while now and when I first saw it, I was gob-smacked. Then recently, I was shown some real-life examples by one of my course attendees. I was blown away by the quality and engineering that goes into these "prints".

If you don't know what 3D printing is, imagine being scanned at a wedding and by the end of the night you are handed to miniature, exact replicas of yourself in full, glorious Technicolor. You can be "printed" in just about any material from plastics to concrete and from rubber to chocolate. Yes chocolate!

Now try to imagine how this will be brought into mainstream consumerism in the future, imagine the possibilities!

More here: 3D Printing

Alamy reduce contributor royalties

Yep, it's a sign of the times when agencies start reducing payouts. Alamy recently sent out a newsletter to all its contributors explaining why they are having to reduce commissions. Is it because of saturation? Maybe they are in trouble?

Let the CEO of Alamy James West explain: Alamy Reduce Contributors Royalties

Bike Ride, Piccies and Pano's

General Photography - Panorama

The other day I decided to take my iPhone out on my usual bike ride with the sole intention of trying out a couple of apps. Weymouth has a new and stunning selection of walkways and bike routes that weave in and out of, and around the entire town.

They pass areas of natural beauty such as the beautiful Radipole Lake and parts of the Jurassic coast. They take you through the old town of Weymouth, along the Rodwell trail and through local parks and attractions.

My usual cycle route takes me past or through all of these and is about 14 miles in total. After doing this with my iPhone, I now intend to do the route more slowly with my Go Pro 3 and EOS 5D Mark II in tow. All I need is a clear, crisp frosty morning (I am sure there is one just around the corner)!

Check out the photos and apps that I used to take them with below: Bike Ride, Piccies and Pano's

Other Bits of News

  1. 1
    Canon EOS 5D Mark II hits "sub £2k" prices at Digital Rev
  2. 2
    Nom, Nom, Nom…lion eats Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  3. 3
    Photographer stripped of prize for cheating

Well, that is all for this month so I hope you enjoyed that. All it leaves me to say is please have a safe and happy holiday season whatever you are doing and all the best for 2013!

Nick - All Things Photography

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