Contemporary Wedding Photo Albums

Con-tem-po-rar-y: Not of a Traditional Nature

Contemporary Wedding Photo Albums

Looking for more contemporary wedding photo albums? Fed up with the boring old traditional "slip in" albums? There are many wedding album companies that produce a wide range of all styles of albums, guest books, photobooks (or storybooks) and other wedding accessories.

In fact, at a recent gathering of suppliers in the UK I was completely overwhelmed at the choice now available to wedding photographers. You have small, large, thick, thin, natural, contemporary, leather, man-made, traditional and photobooks.

Are you a bride or couple reading this, when ordering any albums or accessories for your big day? If so, please order well in advance. This way you can account for any delays or discrepancies without the need for panic.

If you are a wedding photographer, I would advise that you work with just 2 or 3 manufacturers and styles. If you give the client too much choice, it can become confusing and unnecessarily long-winded.

You could work along the lines that you offer a "bespoke" service. In that the couple gives you an idea of style and budget and then you source the albums accordingly. You can see some of the album and photobook manufacturers that we recommend here…

Alternatively, try Amazon. Their wedding albums are fairly cheap but very extensive.

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