The Canon Battery Grip

Is it Worth Adding a Battery Grip for the Extra Expense?

Canon Battery Grip

Each Canon battery grip is different. You will need to choose the right one for your camera. If you own either a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 80D or the EOS 6D Mark II, you have probably either got or have considered adding an additional Canon Battery Grip.

Some forum posts that I have read state that they are a waste of money. Cash that could be better spent on a lens or other more useful accessories. I tend to disagree, as do many other Canon users.

It all depends on 3 things really;

  1. 1
    Your disposable cash
  2. 2
    How much you use the camera and what for
  3. 3
    And the size of your hands

Also think about this. Why do most, if not all professional digital or film SLR's have the huge camera packs actually built into the body if they are a waste of money?

My experience

Personally, when I first bought the Canon EOS 10D way back when first going digital, the first accessory I got with it was the Canon battery pack. The camera was fairly large without it but always felt to me like something was missing. I have used pro film SLR's in the past and the 10D just didn't feel right.

Once I had added the Canon battery grip BG-ED3, all was well in my world once more. I wondered why Canon didn't make the cameras with the grip already attached. Then I realised that there has to be more distinction between the "semi-pro" range and the professional cameras. Plus it is a nifty marketing ploy I must admit.

The additional grip for me adds certain functionality that I just couldn't do without. The main one being the vertical shutter release and controls. When you are shooting heavily with little time to play around, it is nice and so less awkward to be able to throw the camera into a vertical "portrait" position. And feel just at home as in "landscape" mode.

This was all emphasised even more when I upgraded to the EOS 20D way back in 2004/2005. A camera that Canon had made even smaller. In my hands it felt almost like a toy so the Canon battery grip BG-E2 was fitted immediately. Once again, all was well.

Carrying the DSLR

The way I tend to carry a camera has changed too. I very rarely have it around my neck and use the strap to wrap around my wrist for security. From dropping as well as "snatch" theft. I tend to hold it by one of the grips, either the built in side grip or the added battery pack grip.

Canon Battery Grip

As you can see from this image, by adding the Canon battery grip, both grips become the same length, again making life just a little easier.

 Also, don't forget one very important point. What the grip is mostly for...adding extra battery power!

The additional battery life in your camera could be the difference between getting all the shots and just most of the shots. Quite an important issue if you shoot weddings etc.

If you haven't tried your camera with a grip, give it a go. Better still just buy one. You won't be disappointed and it will add to the resale value when you come to upgrade. Let's face it, they look good too!

The best prices I have found, and where I bought my grips for the EOS DSLR's was Amazon. Amazon have just about every accessory you can think of at the best prices, and they deliver on time too.

Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon EOS 70D

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