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The Camera Jacket (updated 2018): You can have a lot of fun taking your favourite camera into the water with you. Whether on holiday or at the local beach. Some of the shots you can get can be so creative and make for a great family album when you return. Whether you have a DSLR or point and shoot digital camera, think about the fun you could have!

I have used both Ikelite and Ewa-Marine housings for my Canon EOS 5D Mark II/Mark IV's. Both work equally well. The Ewa-Marine is great for travelling as it is light and packs fairly flat. Both give great results and I have sold many underwater stock photos using them. I know I have covered the cost in stock sales so…happy days!

You can see a few images, along with a review of the Ewa-Marine Housing here: Ewa Marine Underwater Housing for DSLR’s

The Camera Jacket

Another handy accessory is the camera jacket for photographers. I find these particularly useful when out and about shooting landscapes or general photography. I have even been known to use them for shooting weddings.

It is great to have everything you need close at hand rather than having to keep taking off your rucksack, rummaging around and then putting it back on again. These jackets save an awful lot of time, especially when you need to get the shot quickly!

Cameras have jackets too!

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