The Camera Angle and Photography

A Different Camera Angle Can Tell a Completely Different Story

High Camera Angle of Aerial Photo

Camera Angle: For anyone starting out in photography as a newcomer, the common thing to do is to stay at "normal height". To then photograph the subject as you see it. This is all good and well but you will undoubtedly place yourself firmly amongst the masses of the ordinary photographer.

One way to make your images stand out from others is to see it from another angle or viewpoint. When thinking about the subject in front of you and how you will capture it, move around, up and down. Find an angle that no-one else sees or has thought of and start to create your own style.

Once you try this, all sorts of ideas start to flow and it brings a whole new side to your photography. You find yourself doing it more and more in other situations such as weddings or parties. The angle that you choose, can tell a completely different story to the others.

Two Ladies Relaxing After a Game of Tennis
Two Ladies Enjoying a Drink After a Game of Tennis

The first shot of two ladies above was part of a promotional, lifestyle tennis series. It was for a real estate company in Spain to add to that summers' brochure. I was aiming straight down at the girls which added a lot of unnecessary background distractions.

For the shot below that, I simply got on my knees and aimed upwards. This took that background out of the equation leaving just a nice blue sky. Can you see how you now concentrate more on the people rather than the background?

Think before you press the shutter

Along with camera angles, think of what's also in the frame:

  • Where is the foreground interest?
  • What do you want to appear in the background?
  • Is there a story can I tell with this image?
  • What does it say to someone who wasn’t there?

So basically if you are able to, why not lie down, climb up, get inside, go underneath people or objects. Get on top, run alongside, dive in, look through, get behind and shove your camera anywhere (within reason). Just try to get that shot that is maybe a little bit different.

If you are looking to sell images as stock, these are all vital points to consider. If they are just for you and your images will be displayed somewhere, it is great if they still provoke these kinds of questions, just like any art.

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