Camera and Lens Store

Camera and Lenses at Great Prices at Amazon

Camera and Lens Store

Over the years, I dread to think how much money I have spent with Amazon on camera gear and accessories. We have a multitude of Amazon boxes and packaging scattered around the house. I absolutely love the buying process with Amazon which is why I have created this camera and lens store.

I am a big fan of doing business locally whenever possible, where I live in Dorset UK. However, no local stores seem to get the latest gear quickly if at all and Amazon seem to really kick butt on prices. Not only that, their delivery system is faultless. I remember ordering something at around 4pm on the Saturday before Easter Sunday once. The goods were actually delivered the following morning...Easter Sunday!

I was gob-smacked!

Even when I choose the cheaper or free delivery option, more often than not, the goods arrive the next day. Or not soon after.

Customer Reviews

I use the customer reviews on Amazon a fair bit. I love to hear what actual users think of products before I make any purchase. The great thing is that Amazon will highlight the "verified buyers" in the review section so you know you are getting genuine reviews from real buyers.

Check out the lovely KIT gear below which shows some of the equipment that I have bought mostly through Amazon. If you buy anything through these links, we get a few pennies which helps maintain the upkeep of ATP. Thanks!