Buying Stock Photography

Guide To Affordable Online Stock Agencies

Buying Stock Photography

If you are regularly buying stock photography, it is good to find yourself 2 or 3 good agencies and stick with them. But with so many coming and going, it is hard to keep track. The aim for us, is to keep tags for you and make this a one stop shop for buying stock photography. We may eventually include our own stock photography, but for now, we hope to direct you to the best agencies that suit your needs.

If you are looking to buy good quality, high resolution stock photography, please support this site and have a browse through my own portfolio of over 1800 images at Alamy. The images are available in any size up to 50MB TIFF files and include;






Andalucía and Costa del Sol











Just click the link above to see my 1800 images at Alamy. I am constantly adding new images to this library, so be sure to “pop” back and check for updates. Thanks for your support.


Buying Stock Photography Group Meeting

Apart from my own blatant pitch for my personal photography at Alamy, All Things Photography is now working with many of the smaller stock photography agencies. Whether you are buying stock photography as a designer, agency or for a full blown ad campaign, or looking for fine art poster prints, we have after much consideration decided to jump on board with Microstock agencies…why?

For a start, the image quality from most contributors is amazing with much thought and skill used when producing the images. The standards are much higher than in the beginning and the prices are extremely competitive.

It fast became one of the most used areas on the web today for buying stock photography and brings affordable, quality stock photography to the masses. This has to be due to the incredible talent, dedication and diversity of its current contributing photographers. They come from all over the world, from all walks of life and from the excellent pricing structure they have incorporated.

Why I am also buying stock photography

Even though I am a stock photographer, I am still buying stock photography myself for projects and products that I make. Sometimes it just isn’t viable, cost-effective or even possible for me to take certain images that I need. Therefore, when microstock brought affordable, high resolution and high quality stock photography to the masses, I jumped in with both feet.

I have bought stock images on both a “per image” basis and also as a subscription customer. It is great to have the option of either depending on how many images you need at any given time.

So why not try a new approach to buying stock photography, with totally fresh, bright, bold and punchy images for your campaign? Just use the links below to visit the homepage of each recommended agency. Then start your search.


Shutterstock are now one of the largest microstock agencies on the internet. They have millions of high quality, high resolution images at your disposal. They use a subscription based scheme whereby you can download up to 25 images a day (750 per month) for just £119. That is just 0.16p per image!

Other options are:

  • 350 images a month for £99
  • 50 images a month for £59
  • 10 images a month for £19

On Demand Images

You can also buy "on demand" images from Shutterstock with no subscription needed for:

  • 25 images for £139 (£5.56 per image)
  • 5 images for £29 (£5.80 per image)

Obviously these are British prices but Shutterstock sell stock photography all over the world in many currencies.


Dreamstime also offer a subscription service for as little as £17 per month for 5 high resolution images to £1173 for 12 months and 9000 high resolution images! Alternatively you can buy credits which in turn buy images. For example:

  • £11.86 will get you 11 credits/11 web sized royalty free images or 5 high resolution royalty free images
  • £197.80 gets you 260 credits
  • £1392.48 gets you 2000 credits

Other agencies - Adobe Stock

One of the best ways of buying stock photography for designers, webmasters and even photographers is through Adobe and Adobe stock. Their system integrates directly into their software making is so easy to purchase, download and use with your projects. Use the link below to find out more. I sell a fair bit through Adobe Stock and also buy one or two myself.

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