Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Bag

Inconspicuous Camera Bag for your DSLR

Post updated January 2018: This little canvas DSLR camera bag is just the right size for a general day of "walk around" photography. It doesn't look like a camera bag either. Because of this, you will feel that little bit safer when walking through less desirable neighbourhoods.

Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Bag

I was given this bag to review quite a while ago and still have and use it. I am a fan of canvas material as it is strong and durable and as mentioned before, it doesn't scream:

"​Camera ​Inside"

​I have many camera bags including (links to best Amazon bags and reviews below):

I use all of them a lot of the time depending on what job or shoot I am on. There is no one-bag-fits-all so it is good to have a selection of varying sizes.

Whether you shoot private shoots, commercial shoots, stills or video, make sure you have a bag for each. After all, why put a single body and two lenses in a huge case you will have to drag around all day.

Something like this little retro canvas DSLR camera bag will work perfectly for small to mid-sized shoots. Check out the quick review to see just what it will hold:

Retro Canvas DSLR Camera Bag Review

Canvas DSLR Camera Bag
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