A Good Day is Always a Good Day

It's not often everything goes right but today it did!

A Good Day

Yesterday I had two weddings bookings confirmed, plus a baby shoot. I also received confirmation that I am the exclusive wedding photographer for a cool venue in Weymouth. It's in the heart of the 2012 Olympic community​ next to the Sailing Academy near Portland. Next week, I am already meeting someone who is getting married there next September.

The venue have put 6 of my large framed prints on their wall. Right there as you enter the building complete with my website and contact details. Will pop in later for a look and to take some pics.


Also, I have the possibility of a similar venue down the coast. Therefore I will be busily preparing a portfolio to show them next week…could be a good one!

Oh, and I finally gave in to those nice people at Apple and bought my first iPhone, the iPhone 4s. I am blown away but I only went out to buy some Shredded Wheat. I already have the iPod Touch 4G so I am used to the interface, but I sat on my HTC Wildfire and broke it.

It was during "The Wall" gig by Roger Waters earlier this year so I don't care.

First impressions are that it is a first class phone with a cool 8mp camera, 1080p HD video and the outstanding Siri voice activation system. I will do a full review of this mobile phone soon​. The camera could be good enough to replace the family point and shoot. In fact I am testing both the stills and video camera this morning at my daughters school assembly.

It's a good day but the weather is still bad though…

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