Newsletter August 2007

New Canon DSLR's, stock photography, weddings, underwater…

Newsletter August 2007

Newsletter August 2007: Well, the summer is coming to an end and I hope you are all refreshed after maybe holidaying and taking some time out to go and play with your camera (and family of course). No holiday for me as the wedding season is still in full swing with 8 coming up in September! Maybe I shall get a break in Nov/Oct?

August was a hectic month starting with 5 location villa shoots up the coast in Nerja, Southern Spain (for which my family got to come with me and stay in a luxury villa for the night), and ended with a week in Tuscany shooting a very expensive, high end wedding…more details below.

The coming Autumn is one of the best times of year to be out shooting as the colours and light are amazing. Don't just sit indoors waiting for Christmas…get out and get some fresh air. Take a tripod as the light tends to be less harsh too, and a small aperture coupled with a slow shutter speed allows those beautiful colours to shine through!

It has also been a very busy month for new camera releases and due to the fact that I am so busy, I have only managed to get one review out this month…although it is a corker of a camera (only if you are "Canon" though…sorry Nikon fans)! Once this spate of weddings is done and dusted and the albums are made, I hope to get a lot more reviews out including Nikon, Olympus, Sony….and so on.

This Month - Newsletter August 2007:

  • Canon release two new DSLR's
  • Shooting Stock Photography - A 2007 update on the stock industry
  • Underwater Camera Housings - Put your DSLR in a plastic bag and jump in…the water's lovely
  • Italian wedding…big style and lots of class
  • New Photoshop tutorial for beginners

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  1. 1
    Canon release two new and exciting additions to its DSLR range. The long awaited Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III and the upgrade to the 30D…the 40D (surprise surprise). See our pre-release review of the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III.
  2. 2
    Stock photography has never been so popular but it is still by no means too late to get started. Just because everyone is doing it these days, it doesn't mean you can't excel and make some good money. Here is an update on what has been going on and where we are at present. Stock Photography 2007
  3. 3
    It is summer in Spain and it is hotter than a tip for a one horse race, so I thought I would give underwater photography a go. It is easier and more fun than I thought (after a little practice), and quite affordable too. Here is my review of the Ewa Marine Underwater Housing for Digital Cameras.
  4. 4
    As I mentioned earlier, the wedding in Italy I shot this month was quite spectacular with some very special guests for entertainment. I kept a short blog of the week which you can read using the following link (if you are interested). I will be adding a full article on my experiences of destination weddings later on in September so "keep 'em peeled" if wedding photography is your thing. Destination Weddings - A Blog
  5. 5
    Just a quick one this, to illustrate the difficulties and one possible solution for overcoming high contrasting images with extensive dynamic range such as sunsets. Dealing with high contrast in Photoshop.

As always, your comments are more than welcome. If you had any difficulties with any part of this newsletter or its content/links etc, please let us know. Until the next issue, check out our Newsletter Back Issues!

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