The Art of Black and White Photography

Improve Your Black and White Photography Skills with this Online Course

Art of Black and White Photography

The Art of Black and White Photography - David J Nightingale – $99

When colour photography was invented, you would have thought that black and white photography would have taken a back seat.

In fact, if anything, black and white photography is more popular than ever and more often than not, my wedding photography clients ask for a selection of black and white images.

Not only is black and white effective for weddings, despite the lack of colour. It is also for moody portraits, landscapes, commercial, product and macro photography. It all depends on the subject and what you are trying to portray.

However, black and white photography, or should I say good black and white photography, takes a lot more than a simple, straight conversion in Photoshop or other digital editing software. To make the make the image really stand out, there are a number of processes you can apply. There are certain thing you can do to the image to give it that "edge".

The Art of Black and White Photography by David Nightingale is a really in-depth course. One that will leave you feeling confident and knowledgeable enough to create stunning black and white images every time. In his own words, David says that this online course on black and white photography is exactly the same as if you were to attend his photography workshop in person.

Things you will learn about:

  • Tonal range
  • Tonal balance
  • Black and white portraits
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    Conversion techniques
  • check
    Photoshop tools
  • check
    Skin tones
  • check
    Eye correction
  • check
    Repeatable workflows
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    Effective and reusable workflows
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    Using the histogram
  • check
    Using layers
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    Blending images
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    ...and more

By following the link below, you will see exactly what you can expect on this course. Lectures 1 and 6 are free to give you a taster of what you could be learning. David's work is awesome and he shows a selection of images in lecture one that will hopefully inspire you to take this course.

Having mastered the art of black and white photography after taking this course, you will no doubt see a significant increase in your abilities. Both in the feedback from your friends and hopefully, your clients.