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Advertise at All Things Photography – Advertising Policy

We've withheld from attracting advertisers to ATP in the past until we had sufficient traffic to serve our clients well. Now we are over 13 years old and ranking quite high in the search engines with a steadily growing readership. With the increasing traffic flow, we thought the time is now right for people to advertise with us.

Advertise on ATP

If you are looking to advertise with us, you would be reaching thousands of photographers daily. Many of them regulars, with daily page views averaging between 8,000 and 10,000.

We are looking to offer limited spaces in our sidebars which appear throughout the website (over 1000 pages). There would be in specified locations and offer banner/image ads on a CPM basis with prices dependent on the size of the ad.


  • 125×125 Image Ad
  • Newsletter
  • Banners

For your larger ad campaigns, we will consider special placements throughout the site. Locations such as taking over the main 728×90 banner at the top of every page. Perhaps your own bespoke image ad at the top of every sidebar (above the fold).

Please contact us to discuss prices, placements and duration.

Image ad in the sidebars (left and right) will appear on 95% of blog pages throughout the website.


We generally ask that adverts are in some way related to the content of this website. This keeps things in the interests of our readership. We love all things:

  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
  • check
    Editing software
  • check
    Digital imaging
  • check

...and so on. We will not advertise anything we deem to be unrelated, in poor taste or defamatory to any other business.

We will also consider bespoke, manual placement with either text, images or links on any given page. Any specific page that may specialise in your particular field. For example, our wedding photography section is one of the most popular areas that would compliment any suitable advertising.

Once advertising slots are nearing capacity, we may start to phase out the amount of Google advertising that we host. This will better serve our private advertising clients.

All prices and placements are subject to change at any time. Should there be any changes in the future, you will be informed well in advance. These changes will only take effect once your current ad run is complete.

If you are interested in advertising with us and have any further suggestions or ideas, we are always ready to listen. Please contact us to discuss further.

Thank you, Advertising Dept. All Things Photography