Sony Announce the A7II With Built-In Stabilisation!

Sony's new A7II comes with an incredible new technology that will change everything…

I love new technology and only get excited with new gear when companies really raise the bar with features that are actually useable in the real world. Then Sony Announce the A7II  and do that once again.

Sony Announce the A7II
Sony Announce the A7II

Hot on the heels of their own A7s with incredible low light functionality, the new Sony A7II has "in house", 5-Axis stabilisation on it’s sensor!

Watch this video, pick your jaw off the floor and read on…

Working in both stills and movie mode, the specs say that camera shake compensation is equivalent to:

  • Using a 4.5-step* faster shutter speed!

Amazing and the implications are widespread.

Sony Announce the A7II

Now wedding photographers will be able to capture amazing stills in very low light (at low ISO's). Furthermore, just about anyone now can take advantage of this technology. Imagine this camera on a drone with existing 3-Axis gimbal. The footage would be super still!

Sony Announce the A7II with internal stabilisation for all

Also, and with all due respect, there must be a lot of people out there with disabilities that could benefit. Things that cause shaking of the hands for example meaning they have all but given up on photography. Surely this will allow them to once again get out and start shooting?

Sony Announce the A7II
Sony Announce the A7II

Then think about all those sports shooters, nature photographers and videographers, film-makers and so on. This is really going to be a kick up the a** for the engineers at Canon, Nikon, Olympus…

After all, the Sony will take (with an adapter) most third party lenses and the stabilisation works with all of them!

Dear Canon…the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV had better be something special or you are not even going to see the boat let alone miss it : )

The Sony A7II is available to order from Amazon below:

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