What Kit is Needed to Shoot Stock Photography?

Gear required to get started shooting stock 

It is easy to be put off from shooting stock photography because you think you don't own the right stock photography kit. Big lenses, professional DSLR's, huge tripods, filters, studio lights etc. So what is the right kit to use?

Truth be told, when I started shooting and selling stock photography, all I had was a 6mp Canon EOS 10D. To go with it, a 35-135mm Canon EF lens. That was good enough at the time to sell images through Alamy and I even saw one being used on a full sized billboard advertisement.

However, this image below had to be upsized to meet Alamy's requirements back then. I made more than a few hundred Dollars for this shot:

Stock Photography Equipment

Now, the requirements are much less strict with regards to size and most people now own DSLR's much newer that the 10+ year old Canon EOS 10D.

So, if you have a reasonably new DSLR and a half decent lens, that is enough to get started. Most people seem to have 12-16mp or more in their DSLR's these days,

Get out and start shooting

You could be out and about right now with just that basic equipment shooting the world around you. Then uploading and selling your photos through various stock agencies online.

We discuss the equipment needed to shoot and sell stock photography in the article below. As well as the agencies recommended and a whole lot more over in our new, free (for now) membership training section.

Go and check it out now as it may not stay free for long: Equipment for Stock Photography

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