Coming in 2022 - 4 New Online Photography, Video and Website Courses

Prepare for the online revolution:

As life becomes more entrenched in the online world over the next few years, we would all do well to learn new skills to not only cope but to thrive in future business and everyday life.


Course 1: Photography Foundation

47 in-depth but easy to understand video lessons on all aspects of digital photography. Here you'll learn everything from which camera to choose through to accessories, lighting, camera settings, exposure, composition, Photoshop, Lightroom, data recovery, offloading and organising images and more. Once complete, move on to our advanced course!


Course 2: Advanced Photography

Since I started photography in 1980, I have always looked for ways to be creative with my camera. From early multiple exposures using 35mm film cameras through to long exposures, time lapses, painting with light, off-camera flash, bracketing, macro photography, panoramas, specialist, super creative software and more. 36 video lessons.


Course 3: Video Foundation

After dabbling with editing cine film as a 10/11 year old, I eventually got into video when I was asked to film a well known girl band at a wedding in Italy in 2007. Since then I have been hooked and lucky enough to shoot for some very cool projects. A natural progression for many photographers is to move into video for life and business! 71 Video Lessons


Course 5: WordPress Websites

27 Lessons. This course on building WordPress websites could tie in nicely with all the other courses. After all, you may want to attract business, sell prints or stock photography and video or even build websites for other people. Anywhere in the world! Building easy to find, SEO focused websites will be a strong skill to have in the future so start yours today! 

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All of these courses will be filmed and officially released by the end of the year for £300 each. However, early bird students can have access to ALL COURSES as they are filmed and uploaded each week for just £10 per month!*

*Includes free entry to our business directory to promote your website/business

*Also includes a 20% discount for online private tuition whilst a member

I just need to know what you are interested in. Photography is a great skill to have for anything from a full career or business through to just selling prints or old stuff on eBay. Learning new techniques, creative skills and innovative software will inevitably bring you more work and sales.

Video is a natural progression for a lot of photographers. It is a skill that can help you to maybe build a YouTube channel to promote your services, show off your slideshows and products or help others do the same. Again, once you are established, you can even create 1 minute promo videos for other businesses.

Building great SEO focused websites can be good for your business promotion or selling your (or other people's) products. Building great websites for others can even be another profitable string to your bow.

All of the courses will include "nuggets" of information, tips and ideas here and there to help you succeed.

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Please make sure you have watched the video above and then answer a few questions to let me know what you are looking to learn. The answers you give will give me a good indication of how to progress with these courses. As a thank you, you will be entered into our prize draw to win a Moza Mini-S Essential Smartphone Gimbal*.

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