How Can I Better Serve You?

I need your help so that I can make ATP better than ever in 2020.

As a thank you, there's a free copy of the Wedding Photography Blueprint box set of DVD's worth £77 for 40 of you this Christmas through a prize draw.

 (just pay £7.95 p&p)*.

How Can I Serve You?


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How Can I Serve You

​I have a short survey I would love you to fill out below. It is simply to inform me how I can make All Things Photography better next year. I want to start producing valuable content for my readers but need to know what floats your boat in the photo, video, gadget and business world!

As a thank you, there is a ​free Wedding Photography Blueprint ​​DVD waiting for 40 of you ​(*names to be pulled out of a "digital hat" on the 16th December ​with notification of winners sent in the next newsletter).

Offer ends 1​5th December.

​Complete our questionnaire ​now and ​get in the draw!

​Hi everyone and thanks for checking this page out!

You may or may not know but for the past year or so we have been moving house and I am sure most of you know how time-consuming that is. In fact we were selling a sea front business and had two buyers pull out and then another buyer appear out of nowhere leaving us just a few short weeks to get our asses in gear and find somewhere to live.

Part of the issue at the place we were before was that it was nigh on impossible to make videos or do any sort of writing whatsoever. THANKFULLY, we are now in a bigger house and I finally have a home studio and office once again.

Anyway, yada-yada-yada...

From 2020 onwards, I am devoting a ton of my time to ATP and its readers. I will be 53 in 2020 (yeah, I know...time flies) and I will be "semi-retiring" from my practical work with photography, video and aerial work.

I will still take the odd corporate job on because I love ​this business so much, it has been part of my life for 40 years! This year I have had a lot of fun on some cool jobs with some great people and don't want to cut myself off entirely. Anyway, keeping my finger on the pulse will only help me to serve you better.

​What can I do for you?

I plan to spend 60-80% of my time next year teaching people in:

  • ​Photography
  • ​Video Work
  • ​Aerial Video and Photography
  • ​Business
  • Websites and SEO

I have spent more than 6 months of 2019 and a ​lot of money getting myself trained by some of the finest business brains (I'm talking multi-multi-millionaires) and health academies. I now want to pass that knowledge on to others whether online or offline in the UK and beyond if possible.

Millionaire's Retreat

Nick Stubbs Coaching

​A few years ago, I was asked to give a one hour talk on websites, SEO and Internet Marketing to a group of travel entrepreneurs in Lanzarote, part of the Canary Islands. After that experience, I knew right away that this was the direction I should be taking.

I have some amazing things to show you, particularly in the business arena that will sky-rocket your potential, your work, your efforts​ and your business to the next level but I need your help.


I have created a ​survey ​below with a few questions I would love to hear your thoughts on including content for my YouTube channel. So, as a thank you for completing this quick questionnaire, I ​want to ​put all of you that complete it into a hat and pull out 40 people who will receive a free copy of the Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD's.

All I ask is that you pay just £7.95 postage and packing (£9.95 outside of the UK).

This​ offer is only available ​until December ​15​th​ 2019​ but the survey will remain open.