May 12, 2016

DJI Osmo and X5 Review

Video Stabilisation with the DJI Osmo and X5 Camera

Osmo and X5 Review

Post updated January 2018: I am a gadget man. I love anything that is techy, innovative and useful for my work. Two of my favourite work "toys" right now are the Inspire 1 drone and DJI Osmo. I have done a full Osmo and X5 Review to show you this new and very cool set up.

After a long wait, my X5 adapter for the DJI Osmo finally arrived recently. This means I can switch out the X5 camera from my Inspire 1 and use it on the Osmo handle that I bought separately. Happy days, but how does it work and does it produce good results?

I have to say that I was a little nervous in the beginning. Putting £2000 worth of kit on the bonnet of my car whilst driving around Weymouth was scary to say the least. All for this review and to test the product but I needn't have worried.

I certainly got some looks from passers by and from other motorists but that doesn't matter. I can now use this set up to create some superb B-roll footage from a new perspective for clients.
To see the results of this and other shoots, as well as seeing a full set up and review of the DJI X5 camera and Osmo combination, click the link below…but be warned, your wallet may start to tremble…

Osmo and X5 Review
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