What Can You Do With One Canon EOS 7D?

That's a Great Film, You Must Have a Canon EOS 7D!

How often have I heard that or something like it? Someone looks at your work and assumes you have an expensive camera that did all the work for you. Surely you couldn't do that with a mid range camera like the Canon EOS 7D? Not just one camera?

I saw a post on Facebook last night and being into video the way I am, I thought I would take a quick look. After 10 minutes I was hooked and after 90 minutes I had watched the entire film and loved it. What made it so special was the background behind the movie.

It was written by two teenagers who used a single Canon EOS 7D. They had a total budget of $6000. Much of that was spent on the 7D and from start to finish, the project took just 18.5 days!

I am hoping that this will inspire those people who think they need a ton of kit to make great things happen. Whatever you have right now, learn it, enjoy it and use it to it best potential. Worry about all that other "stuff" later!

Bad is Bad. Shot Entirely on the Canon EOS 7D.

Bad is Bad - Full feature length movie from Standard Story Co on Vimeo.

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