Weymouth Receives Olympic Torch

Olympic Torch Arrives in a Soggy, Wet Weymouth!

Olympic Torch in Weymouth

We went as a family to Weymouth beach yesterday to watch the concert. It was organised to hail the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Weymouth from Portland. Needless to say we got soaked…drenched in fact!

We stood for 1 hour waiting for the concert to start in driving rain but spirits were high amongst the crowd. Even when there was a young fella behind us, who couldn't see through a huge umbrella at the front .

He swept past us, grabbed the brolly, broke it and threw it towards the stage : )

The concert was fun and the kids enjoyed it despite the rain. We we eventually watched the torch arrive by dragon boat to Weymouth beach at 7.30pm.

Then this morning, the torch was due to pass by the In-Laws' guest house. It would be right next to where our kids would be watching with their school. I set out with time to spare only to be stopped at some traffic lights by Radipole Bridge. Luckily, I was at the front and had prime position to photograph one of the hand-overs of the Olympic flame to a local lady.

I then followed the entourage over the bridge and into Weymouth town where I shot down a side alley. Then quickly parked at the afore-mentioned guest house, ran up the road and photographed the new bearer as he passed by. I even managed to snap the kids waving with their school outside St Johns Church.

All good stuff for the town and kids I guess and we are all looking forward to the sailing events.

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