March 19, 2012

The Future of Technology

What does the future hold for our kids and their tech?

What is the Future of Technology

Is it just me or is Moore's Law speeding up? What does it mean for the future of technology and our children's future?

I for one am getting a little tired when trying to keep up with all the upgrades around me these days. If it's not my camera its the Speedlight that's been updated. Then there's my iPhone, the new iPad and what about the thousands of pounds that I have spend on pro software? Software that is continuously being bettered and updated making my current version obsolete?

I can't keep up!

How do we keep up? I dread to think how much I have spent upgrading kit and software that I already have and use well over the years. Don't get me wrong, I love technology but I just had to write an article on this and would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. What do you think?

For example, there is a trend starting whereby monthly subscriptions are the new order of the day and not only are existing cameras being upgraded but new companies altogether are producing them.

  • Would you rather pay monthly or own software titles outright?
  • Do you upgrade cameras at every new release?
  • What about your Smartphone? When did you last upgrade that?
  • Can you justify the cost of upgrading?
  • Are companies compromising quality for the sake of a quick release date?
  • Do we have any control over this speeding up of Moore's Law?

I personally feel that products released to market too quickly only cause problems for us poor unsuspecting consumers. We are already seeing recalls and firmware updates to correct issues with certain technology in cameras and Smartphones.

Check out my longer article on this here and please share below:

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