The Death of Point and Shoot Cameras?

Death of Point and Shoot Cameras

Is this the end of the faithful point and shoot camera?

Interestingly when I visited my folks in Kent and a trip to London recently, I decided for once NOT to take my full DSLR ensemble.

The reason being was two-fold. Firstly, I didn’t want to be lumbering around a rucksack full of kit when I really wanted to have fun with my kids and secondly, I didn't want the pressure of always looking for that perfect stock shot.

Many times when I am out with my kids I am thinking more about stock photography than actually enjoying their company…not good.

I also didn’t want the aggro of taking my bridge camera so opted to just use the camera and video camera on the iPhone 4s. The resolution of stills is 8mp and the video is 1080p HD so that would be easily enough for fun, family photos and clips but not good enough for me to worry about trying to shoot perfect stock photos and footage.

This all meant that I could concentrate on enjoying our time with family and sight-seeing in London.

Strangely enough, my wife spotted an article in the Daily Mail yesterday that highlights this exact same thing. Many people are opting to use their camera phones these days rather than taking out a point and shoot camera. The article also talks about the rise in sales of the DSLR and lenses so is this really the death of the point and shoot?

Daily Mail ArticleThe Death of Point and Shoots?

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