Stock Photography Shoot in Weymouth

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Stock Photography Shoot

The beach and promenade in Weymouth was perfect for a stock photography shoot today. After a huge downpour of rain, the clouds cleared giving us a glorious afternoon of sunshine.

At Bowleaze Cove, we stopped at a cafe for a beer and stayed there. As usual this time of year, the beach was packed and I must have shot around 250 images. Some for royalty free stock and those with people in will go as editorial stock photos of Weymouth for the 2012 Olympics.

Furthermore, there was also a very cool location to shoot grungy portraits at and to use when the ATP Members group come to visit for our next walkabout in September.

The actions used in this shot were "Enter the Dragon - Old World Colour" from Kubota's Action Pak Volume 4. Plus the Congo Texture finished off with a cool border from the Borders and Textures (Bor-tex) Plug in Pak for Photoshop.

One thing I have learned is that you can never tell what sells therefore it can be tough deciding what to upload. Agencies advise you to upload clean images as buyers want to edit themselves. Then you find that images you have run some actions on sell just as well if not better.

Many buyers don't want or have the ability to process like we photographers do. Also, they may be buying your image to put on their wall. In a nutshell, if you "action" an image from your own stock photography shoot and it looks good, upload it!

ATP has a huge section that will teach you all you need to know about selling stock photography. Go to the link below and get started's free!

Stock Photography Shoot
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