Selling Premium Stock Photography

An Alternative Option to the Microstock Industry

Selling Premium Stock Photography

By now, many of you will have already dipped your toe into the waters of stock photography. Some of you may have made a few extra dollars and some may have really gone all out. Maybe even sold a ton of images for some good money.

Have you ever tried the premium stock agencies where your images can sell for a lot more? Therefore earn a ton more commission for each sale? You may be missing out.

For years I have been uploading to Alamy where at one point, I was selling up to 6 images a month for around $400 each. Very nice and well worth the effort of shooting, uploading and keywording etc.

Regardless of whether you have checked the agencies out or not before, it might be worth doing so. If you are a dab hand at stock photography, or you would like to give it a go at a higher level, check out our latest article on one agency in particular, Image Source.

They have some stunning images in their library with a great payout system. Rather than one or two Dollars per sale at microstock, you could potentially earn hundreds or even thousands of Dollars per image with Image Source.

If you have a lot of stock images that you feel are worth the extra income, check out Image Source here: Image Source - Selling Premium Stock Photography

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