Rain and Photography

Rain stops camera play...unless you do these things

Rain Rain Go Away

I can't believe this weather! We have now had rain for a solid 12 hours with another 12 hours to come apparently. All that on top of the wettest June on record. Rain and photography don't mix...or do they?

I have been so lucky in that the only real breaks we have had in the weather have been just when I needed them. One for a wedding 2 weeks ago, then during a two day stock photography course I was teaching, followed by a portrait shoot and then a well needed and long overdue game of golf.

Today, the South West of England is seeing the worst of this rain and already a number of roads are blocked. I need to get to Wareham for an outdoor shoot tonight so I hope things ease off by then. Although we do have a plan B in the wings should things stay as they are.

Come on summer, try a little harder would you?!?!? Some of us want to go out and play.

What to do on rainy days?

If you find that rain stops play for your photography plans, think about what you could do:

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    Keyword and upload all those stock photos
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    Shoot some new stock images indoors
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    Practice window light portraits
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    Market you and your website
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    Go out anyway and get some cool, wet weather photos

Rain and poor weather doesn't have to stop play. Rain and photography can work well together if you think a little outside the old box. 

Look for huge waves at the beach if you live near one. What about cool reflections in the surface water! Try long exposures to really emphasise the driving rain. Funky cloud formations are also a favourite of mine for moody landscapes.

Rain and Photography
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