RadLabs Review from Totally Rad

Photoshop Actions and Effects Plus Lightroom Presets

Rad Labs Review from Totally Rad

For the past couple of years, I have been playing with and enjoying Rad Labs Photoshop Actions. These are from Totally Rad, a young digital imaging company based in California.

This year, I found myself using the effects on all of my weddings as the looks are quite unique. The interface is a breeze to work with which is a bonus.

Rad Labs gives you 80 funky and useful actions for Photoshop that you can tweak and adjust ad infinitum. It is easy to get the perfect look for your wedding, portrait or commercial photography images. They also make some great presets for Lightroom as well as a host of other cool stuff!

I am mostly a purist when it comes to photography. I tend not to like messing with my images too much and generally just adjust levels and curves etc. However, now and again when I have a special image I want to work on, I turn to Rad Labs.

You can layer upon layer all different types of effects and then adjust each one. Once in Photoshop, you can adjust even further. Anyway, I am saying too much here...

Check out our Rad Labs review below (video, text and images) and please share with your friends.

Rad Labs Review

Rad Labs Review from Totally Rad
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