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Photoshop Tutorials - Learn Adobe Photoshop CS6

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop...ahhh, don't you just love it?

Over the years I have used just about every version of Photoshop since Photoshop 7 way back in 2003. I was living and working as a property photographer in Marbella at the time. This was my first experience with not only Photoshop but with digital imaging on a professional level.

I was being paid to learn this amazing piece of software but then I left the job. I went full-time self-employed and I bought myself a copy of Photoshop CS (version 8).

Learning Photoshop without a doubt improved my photography and digital imaging skills. It did so to a point where I am sure it secured me more work. Back then, simple things (now) such as spot colouring were quite difficult and rarely seen before. Having those images in my portfolio back then definitely got me more wedding photography gigs.

Any skills or techniques learned in Photoshop will stand you in good stead. Whether you are learning for personal pleasure or for professional reasons, get studying now, you'll thank me later. As part of our new section "Online Photography Courses", we have sourced an excellent online Photoshop Tutorials course that I think you may like.

Jeremy Shuback is a seasoned professional and a dab hand in Photoshop. His course takes you from the very basics up to some very cool techniques so check it out below:

Photoshop Tutorials - Learn Adobe Photoshop CS

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