Photobooks for Photographers

Creating a Lasting Impression with Photobooks

A lot of photographers give photobooks to clients as an end product for their work:

  • check
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    "A day in the life"

​...and so on, but how many use them to their advantage to attract new clients?

A photobook can be a great way to showcase and get your best work in front of potential new clients. Therefore, make sure you gather you absolute best images and get them put in a high quality photobook for all to see.

I have left photobooks with wedding planners, wedding venues, flower shops and dressmakers before. The plan is for them to promote me to their clients and for me to reciprocate.

I used to live and work in Spain shooting weddings along the Costa del Sol. I would leave a photobook with suppliers but also offer a financial incentive in return for recommendations.

This worked well but might not have if I hadn't have had a portfolio to show as well. Many brides that I have come across have a very distinct and set way of doing things. They book everyone else long before the photographer not realising just how busy we can be.

Most assume that a professional photographer is "qualified and experienced" enough to shoot their wedding so it comes down to this

  • What are photographers' images like?
  • What is the photographer like?

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Therefore, show your best work in a nice photobook and present yourself as professionally as possible...job done!

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Photobooks for Photographers
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