Dragons’ Den’s Peter Jones Buys Jessops

He will apparently run it as an online outfit

Peter Jones Buys Jessops

Interesting news just in. Dragon's Den star and all round mega-entrepreneur has bought the failed camera retailer Jessops. He bought it for a yet undisclosed amount that is thought to be in the "multi-millions".

Just how this pans out will be interesting and I hope Peter:

  • Honours any credit or gift cards outstanding
  • Lowers the prices to compete with the likes of Amazon

Whatever he does, it will be interesting to see if he re-brands the whole thing or keeps it the same in the hope of re-kindling lost customer relations.

I have never really used Jessops if I am being honest. They never have the higher end, better quality photographic goods and overall the store just feel too amateur.

Yes, I understand that is the market they are after but as a working pro, the kit they sell just wouldn't cut it for me. I would love to see them sell higher end equipment at "Amazon" prices. As it is, this news bothers me not other than it is indicative of our sad high street situation.

Good luck to him...bold move! Maybe he will convert all the stores into Poundland competitors, coffee shops or mobile phone outlets ; )

More on this in the Independent: Peter Jones Buys Jessops

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