Enduro Africa 2009

Motocross Ride Along the Wild Coast of South Africa

Enduro Africa 2009

Well, I am off first thing in the morning to Heathrow airport as part of the first day of Enduro Africa 2009. The flight leaves at 7pm. Then it is 8 days and 1000 miles of hellish motocross riding from Durban to Port Elizabeth. 

​One evening whilst I was watching "A Long Way Round" with Charlie Boarman and Ewan McGregor, I said to my wife "I'd like to do something like that one day". No sooner had I finished speaking, she threw the newspaper at me.

It was open at a page with a full page ad that read "Enduro Africa - The Ride of Your Life".

Once I had read the entire advert, I jumped straight onto my computer and paid the £500 deposit not even thinking about the £5000 charity money I had to raise.

Little did I know that this was to be a good decision. A very good decision indeed.

Please follow my updates as I travel (when there is sufficient internet access). You can follow my journey here and please leave your comments (great to read on those long, cold nights in the bush).

Enduro Africa 2009 Diary

​Edit: If you go to the link above, you will see that this adventure is now complete and Enduro Africa 2009 is well behind me. As are the twisted ankles, broken bones, ripped tendons and sleepless night. It was worth it though and here's to the next trip!


Enduro Africa 2009
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