Nikon D4 Announced

The Stunning New Flagship D4 from Nikon. Kneel Before Me!

Nikon D4 Announced

Speed – Precision – Style

The Nikon D4 has finally been announced and man does it look good. It is as stunning as the original Nikon F4 was back when I was a poor teenager drooling over it.

The ergonomics, the features and the all-round loveliness make this sure to be a winner.

Here is a stunning video shot entirely on the Nikon D4 which highlights 3 incredible people, amazing all round film (please share this page with your friends):

…and here is another cool video showing more of the features of the D4 (mostly the video side):

The image quality looks sublime in these videos but here is one caveat I noticed.

It is easy to think that all the footage came directly from the Nikon D4 but that is not the case. Buyers might be swayed by those stunning slow motion slow motion clips such as the kayaker going over the waterfall.

The Nikon D4 only shoots 1080 HD video at 30fps (frames per second) and nothing faster. In order to slow that footage down to the super slow motion we see above requires much faster frame rates.

This footage was either shot with a different camera or by using specialist software. Either Adobe's After Effects or Twixtor can slow this footage but still not this well.

I am sure that another camera was used for some of these sequences to be sure to delve deeper before buying.

Anyway, the rest of the camera looks awesome so go ahead and check it out: Nikon D4

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