June 21, 2012

Nero Trigger Review

Remote Trigger for DSLR's and Speedlights

Nero Trigger Review

Have you ever had a crazy photo idea for stock photography or just for your own amusement? Have you been frustrated by the lack of equipment that will allow your creativity to flow? Do you feel you're "ahead of your time" when it comes to products available that can solve your problems?

The Nero Trigger is a handy little device. It will allow you to remotely fire your DSLR via a number of functions including:

  • Lightning
  • Sound
  • Laser

The possibilities for some truly creative photography are endless with this gadget but does it really work? How reactionary is the circuitry and does it function well?

Modern cameras now come equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities so they can be triggered via a Smartphone app. However, if you still own an older DSLR and want this functionality, you have to look elsewhere.

The Nero Trigger will work with Canon and Nikon DSLR's as long as they have the correct inputs. You can use the camera's hotshoe mount or supplied cable to use the Nero Trigger.

It might be a bit cumbersome compared to built in Wi-Fi but at least this is a decent workaround. Plus it will work with most reasonably modern DSLR's that have the connectivity to allow it.

Check out our hands on review here:

Nero Trigger Review
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