Camera Phone Photos and Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder

Camera Phone Photos

Camera Phone Photos

I was out with family for a birthday dinner yesterday and my wife's uncle showed me some images of Vietnam. They were taken with his 10mp phone camera and I was totally amazed by the quality and clarity of them.

Nowadays ((2018), we have camera phones capable of shooting:

  • 40mp+ Images
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photos
  • Amazing Panoramas
  • 4K video
  • Super Slow Motion Video
  • ...and a lot more besides

Photography really has become open to the masses with camera phone photos, Instagram, YouTube etc. Everyone now can produce amazing photos with no excuses!

I am going to start adding sections for mobile phone photography and have created a dedicated page. This is where you can share your best mobile phone images.

Please get involved and upload some of your best photos as I would love to see just how far you can go with a camera phone!

Camera Phone Photos

Thanks and get uploading!

Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder

Aputure Gigtube Viewfinder

The new Gigtube viewfinder from Aputure is a great little photography gadget. It allows you to:

  1. View "live view" images from your DSLR at a distance
  2. Allows you to shoot remotely

There are a number of areas of photography and even video that this could be useful for. Tethering your camera to a PC or Laptop will only become more popular especially for studio photographers.

The Aputure Gigtube is a very handy piece of kit for those with DSLR's pre WiFi or Bluetooth.

Read our full review below which we hope to add to when we use the Gigtube to film at an upcoming wedding next week!

Aputure Gigtube

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