Making a Moving Still Image

Stunning Slow Motion Video for Fiat - How it Was Done

Super Slow Motion Video Making a moving Still image Fiat Abarth

I am a massive fan of creativity, especially slow motion and time lapse videography/photography. It's because they allow us to see a world that we are normally "blind" to in every day life. A world that can only be seen with super slow motion video.

Time lapse photography allows us to see that slow moving world in more of a "real time" environment that we can appreciate. This has been made famous over the years by a number of Sir David Attenborough's wonderful television programmes.

Slow motion video allows us to see what normally happens in the blink of an eye. In more of a real time environment that we can easily digest and appreciate.

Recently I have been playing with moving time lapses which requires additional, and expensive, equipment. This kit also allows me to create the illusive and holy grail of time lapses, day to night time lapse.

A tutorial on day to night and night to day time lapses will be forthcoming but for now, please enjoy the following...

Super Slow Motion Video

I stumbled across this amazing promotional video for the Fiat Abarth today and it combines a lot of what I love:

  • Super slow motion
  • Massive creativity
  • A ton of cool equipment
  • A million and one takes
  • Pretty ladies ; )
  • ...and some serious time spent in editing!

Check out this "making of" video and then see the incredible results of how it all comes together at the end. Note: Sadly the video has now been removed from the web : (

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