Make Your Own Photobooks

Photobooks. One of the Best Marketing Products Available!

Make Your Own Photobooks

What is better than handing out great looking business cards face to face with a potential client or supplier? What is better than leaving a pile of those business cards with those suppliers? Handing out a stunning photobook...that's what so why not make your own photobooks!

In the past, I have paid good money to produce photobooks full of samples of my work and leave them with various suppliers in the wedding industry:

Make Your Own Photobooks
  • Venues
  • Dressmakers
  • Wedding Planners

​Sometimes it has worked and other times not so well. It all depends on the supplier and the person you are dealing with. You really need to get them on your side so just just drop off a book and thank them.

You need to build up a relationship with them. Offer an incentive such as free use of your images for their website or a discount off the first wedding you shoot for them.

…and what about suppliers in other genres:

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    Sports Venues
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    Real Estate
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    Property Developers
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    Baby Shops
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    and so on…

These books work so well for many reasons. One being that it is hard for a soon-to-be bride not to pick up a book with a stunning bride on the front. She may be looking for ideas for her own wedding yes. But she will ultimately see that the wedding photographer who compiled the book is a true professional.

However, to leave these books at a number of suppliers can be expensive.

What if I told you that you it doesn't have to cost a lot. What if you can produce your own amazing A4 photobooks in the comfort of your own home for just £7 each? Complete with gold etched covers!

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