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Solid State is The Way To Go!

iBoutique Flash Drive

Do you worry about permanent storage solutions for your important jobs such as wedding photography? If so, it is good to know that solid state memory like the iBoutique Flash Drive is coming down in price.

DVD's used to be the norm for backing up as there was so little data to be stored and 4.7GB was ample (lol). Then came along digital photography and digital video and boom. Now we need storage in the terabytes more often than not.

The problem with that is, most, if not all drives with moveable parts have a shelf life. Just like DVD's and Blu Ray disks which is disconcerting when you have a 1TB drive with all your precious information, images, video and documents on.

Solid state hard drives are a much better (and quieter) option. They are coming down in price but are still, at the time of writing, pretty expensive for the larger capacities.

A great solution for me as a wedding photographer is to keep an entire wedding on a USB memory stick. That includes the RAW and processed JPEGS. Memory sticks have no moving parts, are totally reliable and they are:

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    Cord free
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    Fit into most devices (including our TV)

Now that iBoutique have a 64GB USB flash drive for under £23, it has changed the game somewhat. I can now store an entire wedding on one of these drives and absorb the cost into the wedding income received. 

Thousands of positive reviewers on Amazon can't be wrong! iBoutique Flash Drive

iBoutique Flash Drive
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